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PC žaidimų kodai - Zombie Driver

PC žaidimų kodai - Zombie Driver
Naudojant šiuos metodus reikia pakeisti kai kuriuos žaidimo failus:
In the root directory of the game you will find a folder called"Packs", in here you will find a zip file called "". Open thiswith winrar (or any other program that reads zip files). In here youwill find all the files you need to edit. Here are some edits that ifound quite usefull:

Padarome automobilius beveik neįveikiamus:
Inside the go to the following directory:
Scripts/Cars. Here you will find an xml file for each of the gamesvehicle. For example the taxi (taxi.xml). Unzip the file somewhere andopen it with any text editor (like notepad). Below the file you willfind the lines:

Change the health value from 350 to anything you want, something like100000 would do nice. Now save the file, and put it back in You can do this for all the vehicles.

Combo Master: Make a 10,000 points combo.
Die Zombies Die !!: Kill 3,000 zombies in a single mission.
Guns of Glory: Fully upgrade all weapons.
I Am The Law!: Unlock the police squad car.
I like My Car Clean.: Finish the game without buying any car upgrades.
Missed Flight: Progress to the airport base.
Pimp Car: Fully upgrade one car.
Sunken Hope: Move to the harbor base.
Superbeast: Unlock the military prototype super car.
The Last Express: Progress to the train station base.
Very Important Person: Unlock the mayor's White Limousine.
Zombie Driver: Complete the game.


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