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PC žaidimų kodai - Transformers: War for Cybertron

Žaidimų kodai - Transformers: War for Cybertron

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Patarimas:Mašinos arsenalo bugas

This glitch has likely happened to you before. Occasionally, when coming out of vehicle mode, you will continue to use your vehicle mode weapon. Itseems to have to something to do with the timing of certain abilities.Whirlwind, when activated immediately after beginning the transformation process, will leave you with an easily repeatable method of use.

Patarimas:Broken Hope Hide-Away

On Broken Hope, it's possible for a Scout chassis with dash to get on top of the Tram-way.

First, get on top of the 2nd story for the main courtyard, and makeyour way to where the bridge extends into the X12 Scrapmaker(Chain/Gatling gun) room and turn around so you can see the over shieldroom.

The jump from between the two robot statues is clear-able with avehicle-to-robot dash-jump: throttle up, jump from the closest point(it's not an exact science, you don't need much skill to make this part, unless you're attempting it with a non-Scout chassis with dash),jump, transform preferably as you're still gaining altitude, and dash into the window.

After smacking against it, turn to your right, and sidle along the edge until you're as close as possible to the tram.

This is the tricky part: double-jump while headed to the right, anddash forward once you get at the correct position to make it into the nook between the destroyed section. If you've made it this far, you're golden.

Just transform to squeeze under the the rail-way, and there you go.As mentioned before, it should be possible to do it with any character capable of dashing, the first jump would be about timing, timing,timing: transform at the point where you can jump from between the two statues, and double-jump, to dash.

The second one seems to be perfectly within the Big Bot's jumping distance. This isn't particularly useful, but a trick that might help your friends, or keep you alive if you're the last one left. If you arethe last one left, believe me, this is one those things you wanna be able to nail every time.

Patarimas:Istrigai ore?

If you find your Transformer stuck in mid-air due to a bad collision, youcan generally initiate a transformation, and the game will "bump" your robot back into the playfield.

If you fall through the floor though (often as a vehicle), you need to restart from your last checkpoint.

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